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Tilti Multilingual offers tailor-made proofreading services for publishers – from one-time outsourcing of urgent projects to long-term editing support for publishers of any kind. Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] to request a proposal, and receive an answer within 1 hour!

Newspaper proofreading

Newspaper proofreading services require a long-term support and, in certain cases, rapid action (sensational news pieces do not wait, do they?), so Tilti Multilingual is here to help with that. No matter what is your news cycle, we provide top-notch proofreading services for any number of articles for any length of time. Alternatively, we also provide one-shot urgent editing services for when your own staff is not enough, and the deadline for a new issue is right around the corner.

Magazine proofreading

Magazine proofreading is in many ways similar to newspaper, but the articles are usually longer and require even more precision. This is due to the fact that correcting mistakes in a published issue can be rather costly, and they cannot be addressed until the next one, which usually takes a considerable amount of time. We guarantee the impeccable quality of our grammar proofreading work, along with a consistent style and appropriate terminology.

Comic proofreading

Proofreading comics means paying a special attention to the intent and the style of the author and the narrator. Often times characters use not standard, but everyday language, full with idioms, jokes, swearing, mistakes, etc. We ensure the consistency of these texts with the publisher’s goals in mind. With Tilti Multilingual proofreading services, your comic characters will speak just as you intend.

Tilti Multilingual for publishing companies

Do not let the grammatical technicalities stand in the way of your publishing vision – we will take care of them. Use the contact form or email us at [email protected], and receive a publication proofreading proposal within 1 hour!

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