In the field of translation and localization, very often so-called CAT tools are involved. CAT stands for “computer assisted translation”. These powerful tools are used as additional support for our specialist translators and are by no means to be confused with machine translations. There are different tools and software which support our team in their work thus ensuring a consistent quality.

All of our specialist experts exclusively use these supporting tools when needed or at the customer’s request. Our team will also gladly advise you on the use or the appropriate choice of a tool – suitable for your project.

Areas of use and application

If necessary, we use CAT tools in our language services in the following fields:

  • Translation Memory: Translation memory systems are used for content which includes recurring phrases and subject-specific terms. Software programs such as SDL Trados, Across or Transit can save text segments from the source text and the finished translation together. This saved translation is generally referred to as Translation Memory (TM). In your future projects, this content serves as a kind of company-specific dictionary.          
  • Localization: We mainly use localization tools for the translation of software programs, multilingual websites or shop systems in order to ensure an optimal functionality in your target market. These localization tools verify text lengths, placeholder text, overlapping, control characters and hidden text passages and help us accordingly adapt them to the target market.

Some CAT tools even cover all three areas and thus not only support the competencies of our translators and linguists but also save you valuable time.

Overview of our powerful tools:

Moreover, all our tools are compatible with a variety of different programs so that we can also take on the converting task for you.

Conversions quickly become a time-consuming task, especially if you have to transfer the content manually. Another difficulty with respect to the conversion is the typographic adaptations due to different text lengths. As a result, the quality of the translation can suffer, thus requiring an increased accuracy with respect to the subsequent review. Thanks to these tools, it is possible for us to simply export, for instance, the translation of your brochure in an InDesign file. Hence, we make the process easier for you and save you valuable time.

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Please use our request form for an initial contact or simply contact us directly via telephone. We will gladly advise you with respect to using and selecting the suitable CAT tool.

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