Interpreting is the supreme discipline among translation services. It leaves no room for mistakes or adjustments. Interpretation is the oral translation of spoken texts from one language to another.

Depending on the situation and requirements, we offer you various interpreting techniques in more than 50 different languages. To that end, we work with professional interpreters and translators who are specialized in various fields of competencies.

Our interpreting techniques

Depending on whether simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is concerned, the translation takes place in real-time either simultaneously where the interpreter, with the aid of a headset or whisper microphone, speaks at the same time as the speaker or consecutively, i.e. subsequently. Both techniques require a lot of know-how, concentration and practical experience. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for a wide range of languages and specialized fields. Our experts will gladly let you know which technique is most suitable for your event.

  • Simultaneous interpretation: Usually, the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth (a soundproof booth) and follows the speech via headphones in order to ensure absolute concentration. At the same time as the speaker, our language expert translates the spoken language into the target language. Learn more on the topic of simultaneous interpretation.
  • Consecutive interpretation: The content of the conversation is not transferred simultaneously but consecutively. Usually, the interpreter translates after the speaker has concluded his or her speech or has paused after a paragraph. While the speaker presents his/her content, the language professional takes note of all the thoughts and content for a complete and high-quality language translation. Learn more on consecutive interpreting.

Our team of qualified interpreters

Interpreters are language experts, who act as mediators between different languages and directly translate the spoken text. Our interpreters are qualified experts. They are native speakers with interpreting experience of several years and are specialized in various areas of our competencies:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Computer Science & Tech
  • Finance & Legal

Our team consists of conference interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, as well as whispering interpreters, who have an extensive experience at international events, including conferences, congresses, negotiations, trade fairs, symposia, court proceedings and press conferences.
Moreover, we not only offer you conventional interpretation, but also a linguistic one-stop service including consultation and organisation prior to the event. We can take over the entire translation process and support you with the translation of all documents right up to organising multilingual interpreter teams, as well as providing the necessary equipment.

We offer translations for every occasion

As a solution provider for translation services, we offer you more than merely transferring text into a foreign language. Irrespective of whether interpreting at international conferences, the translation of documents, subtitling, localization or extensive editing and proofreading is concerned – we support you purposefully and professionally. Are you looking for an experienced interpreter in Vienna, Düsseldorf or Berlin for your event? We are your partner for interpreting wherever you need our support. Please use our request form or contact us directly – we will gladly advise you individually and free of charge.

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Customers about us

Tilti System team members have a very strong customer focus. I have worked with them on different projects, in various languages (Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Spanish etc.) and each time they demonstrated great flexibility in delivering high-quality translations quickly and punctually.

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Leadership Development Manager ArcelorMittal Europe

We about ourselves

I am proud of our team – professional and devoted, always ready to go the extra mile to provide excellent performance. Striving for progress is our key to success – we advance by introducing new technologies and searching for tailored solutions!

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