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SAP is a leading global integrated company software and one of the most efficient tools for merging all important company processes. The tasks of everyday operations in the fields of finance, materials management, production, warehousing, procurement, sales, HR and marketing are thus ideally organised across all divisions.

Would you like to make your SAP content available internationally with the aid of the SE63 and SLXT transactions and thus need the respective translations in several languages? We offer you the subject-specific and professional translation of all your SAP content – translated quickly and in top-quality by native speakers.

Advantages & benefits of a SAP translation

  • Consistent terminology of your content, ensured by a professional translation environment
  • Increasing transparency through multilingualism
  • Professional and high-quality localization
  • Speed and flexibility of your international employees, service providers and partners

A professional team

SAP translations are usually rather costly and complex translations of all areas of your day-to-day business, as well as of the various departments. Within an order, large text volumes are translated within a short period of time thanks to the aid of the SE63 transaction, due to which we always guarantee you sufficient capacities of our translators.

We have a professional, experienced and worldwide network of reliable specialist translators and editors from all of our fields of competencies, such as technical translations, software translations, medical translations and legal translations. To us, accurate analysis, individual preparation of the project team, as well as professional execution are obvious parts of the translation process.

We guarantee the respective availability of all of our resources for a quick and targeted translation of your software. Our global network consists of a team of more than 3,000 experienced native specialist translators who translate into every desired target language in addition to English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our linguists work reliably at the highest level to ensure your success.

Convincing quality thanks to comprehensive know-how

The reliability of our project management is ensured by the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards. Each aspect of the translation process is subject to the guidelines of this standard, from the selection of mother-tongue specialist translators and editors, to correctly applying the terminology management, to safely handling sensitive client data. Moreover, our translators are very familiar with SE63 and SLXT. Therefore, they can optimally support you in managing the SLXT transport request in order to transfer the translation data. Furthermore, you have the possibility to assess the quality of our services after every translation and within the framework of the annual evaluation. Your feedback serves us as important basis for improving our services.

Additional services for the success of your SAP translation

Localization: Software programs have special challenges for which a conventional translation is often not sufficient. The localization extensively considers all content which influences the software’s functionality and comprehensibility in the target country (such as hyphenation and syllabification, address formats, currencies and units, as well as other local circumstances). Learn more about the topic of localization.

Terminology management: Our team of qualified terminology experts takes care of updating and maintaining individual terminology databases and company-specific glossaries. In cooperation with you, already upon the first translation, we integrate existing terminology and further extend it as a company-specific dictionary by adding relevant terms from follow-up projects to the existing database. Please refer to terminology management for extensive information.

High-performance tools: In the field of translation and localization, often CAT tools (computer assisted translation) are mentioned. These auxiliary tools of different categories support our experts within the framework of terminology management, linguistic verification and for localization projects. The use of CAT tools is by no means comparable to machine translations. They support the competence of our translators and optimize the translation process. Please read more on our CAT tools.

Achieve your goal with Tilti Multilingual

Would you like to extend your SAP software in multiple languages? Then, let us tackle your project together. All data will, of course, be treated with absolute discretion. Please contact us via telephone or fill in our request form – to ensure professional and accurate translations.


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Customers about us

Tilti System team members have a very strong customer focus. I have worked with them on different projects, in various languages (Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Spanish etc.) and each time they demonstrated great flexibility in delivering high-quality translations quickly and punctually.

Leadership Development Manager
Leadership Development Manager ArcelorMittal Europe

We about ourselves

I am proud of our team – professional and devoted, always ready to go the extra mile to provide excellent performance. Striving for progress is our key to success – we advance by introducing new technologies and searching for tailored solutions!

Olga Client Services Scandinavia

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