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It is not without reason that simultaneous interpretation is considered the supreme discipline of translating. Interpreters need absolute concentration and an above-average perception since they have to execute several demanding translation processes simultaneously.

Are you looking for a simultaneous interpreter or do you need more information on interpreting? We will gladly help you and provide you with competent simultaneous translations in compliance with your event.


The special features of simultaneous interpreting

Usually, the interpreters sit separately in special soundproof interpreting booths which protect them from all distractions. With a headset, they attentively follow all content to be translated, translate the spoken word and at the same time as the speaker bring forth all content in the target language. This challenging way of translating requires perfect language skills both in the source and the target language โ€“ to also ensure secure use of topic-specific technical terms.

Moreover, the interpreter has to confidently fulfil several tasks simultaneously and, in doing so, must never lose his/her train of thought. This very complicated process and dealing mostly with complex content requires interpreters with longstanding experience and the most profound specialized know-how. Our simultaneous interpreters are specialist translators, native speakers and qualified experts with various specializations in our fields of competencies.

Usually, simultaneous interpretations are used at conferences, galas, assemblies, events, conventions, court and other hearings, as well as TV shows and live broadcasts.


Types of simultaneous interpretation

There are as many possible applications as there are diverse requirements with respect to interpreting. The occasion of your event determines the type of interpretation which is then carried out either simultaneously or consecutively.

  • Conference interpreting: Conferences, conventions and congresses
  • Liaison interpreting: Court hearings, meetings and all oral negotiations
  • Escort interpreting: Tours, visits and assistance to international visitors, clients and similar
  • Telephone interpreting: Telephone conferences and all telephone meetings, appointments or lectures

International understanding during your event

We offer simultaneous interpretations into more than 50 world languages, including Chinese or right-to-left languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Our interpreters securely and reliably translate your event professionally in real time and in all common languages of the world. Convince yourself of our language selection.

Perfect results โ€“ simultaneous interpretation services by Tilti Multilingual

Are you looking for a simultaneous interpreter or need further information on the topic of interpreting? We will assist you in choosing the right interpreter and can also support you with respect to other language and translation services for your event. Please use our request form or contact us directly โ€“ we will gladly advise you individually and free of charge.


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Customers about us

Tilti System team members have a very strong customer focus. I have worked with them on different projects, in various languages (Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Spanish etc.) and each time they demonstrated great flexibility in delivering high-quality translations quickly and punctually.

Leadership Development Manager
Leadership Development Manager ArcelorMittal Europe

We about ourselves

Working for Tilti means interesting challenges, high responsibility in decision making, which often requires thinking outside the box and immediate reaction. And, above all, a young, international, friendly and fun team one can only dream to be a part of!

Valerie Managing Director Germany

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