Languages of Algeria

06.05.2020 |
In this series of articles we overview languages present in any given country. This time we are looking at the languages spoken in Algeria The biggest languages present in Algeria include: Arabic French Tamazight The following languages are legally recognized as the “official languages” of the country: Arabic Tamazight Below you will find summaries for […]

Languages of Afghanistan

04.05.2020 |
The biggest languages present in Afghanistan include: Persian Pashto The same 2 languages serve as the official languages of the country. Below you will find summaries for the languages supported by our translation services. Persian Persian belongs to the Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is one of the official languages of Afghanistan, […]

English – a global language: what is crucial when it comes to German/English translation?

05.06.2019 |
One important aspect of translations into English is the fact that the resultant text in English - irrespective of whether it is being translated from German, French or Spanish - will generally be shorter than the original.

Professional translation of contracts

05.06.2019 |
When it comes to the translation of contracts and similar legal documents, our translation agency thus only employs translators with suitable qualifications to ensure precision in the target language of all related legal facets of a document.

How to reach more clients through website translations

12.10.2018 |
You spent a lot of effort and money on your website to present your company in the best possible way for your potential clients? Then access to these valuable contents should not be limited to one target group. A professional translation of your website has a number of positive effects: Next to reaching more potential […]
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