We know that the use of appropriately qualified translators is essential to ensure that a translated contract conforms in all its legal aspects. Anyone who has at any time had to deal with aspects of the law will be well aware that legal texts are not easy to understand without familiarity with the terminology employed. When it comes to the translation of contracts and similar legal documents, our translation agency thus only employs translators with suitable qualifications to ensure precision in the target language of all related legal facets of a document.

Contract of employment or general terms and conditions of business? Find the right translator for your document

Just as a good knowledge of mechanical processes and the like is necessary if you are going to translate technical documents, translators working on legal documentation also need to be conversant with the legal systems in the countries of the source language and the target language. Only with this knowledge is it possible to produce an accurate translation. Irrespective of whether you require the translation of data protection guidelines, business or purchasing conditions or contractual texts, thanks to our extensive network of translators we can find the right person to handle your documents with expertise in the appropriate field of law, whatever the language. We offer Translation services not only in European languages, such as German, English and Italian, but also in the languages of Asia.

Does the translation of a legal document need to be attested?

In the case of standard business documents, it is often sufficient if the Four-eyes principle is employed for the purposes of translation. This means that the translation and proof-reading of that translation are carried out by two unconnected, qualified translators to ensure a high quality of the result. However, sometimes documents issued by a court or similar public body require that an appropriately authorised person verifies the accuracy of the translation (by attaching an official seal to the document, for example). The requirements differ from country to country, but any person so authorised must be able to prove their linguistic skills and expertise in the field of law. The credibility of attested documents is thus less likely to be contested because the attesting person guarantees the accuracy of the translation.

What does it cost to translate contractual documents?

Charges can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the level of expertise required for the translation and the file format in which the documentation is supplied (for example, an editable text provided in MS Word will be easier to process than a scanned document).

When it comes to texts in German, charges are usually based on the number of words or lines – in some cases it can be necessary to charge an all-inclusive price (for attested translations, for example, where there are charges not only for the translation, but also for the attestation together with mailing costs). To obtain a non-binding quotation for the translation of your document (with or without attestation) simply complete and submit to us our Enquiry form.

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