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Tilti Multilingual offers proofreading and editing services for authors – bring your artistic vision to life and leave the editing technicalities to us! Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] to request a proposal for any literary work:

  • Books – novels, encyclopaedias, biographies, and any other manuscripts;
  • Scripts & screenplays – for movies, video games, theatre plays, and all kinds of similar media;
  • Poetry – paying special attention not only to the grammar, but to all the artistic tools as well: metre (prosody), word choice, line and stanza composition, etc.;
  • Articles – be it for a newspaper or for a personal blog, we are ready to proofread articles of any genre and message;
  • Manuals & guides – instructions require clear an precise wording, and mistakes can cost dearly, which is why our proofreading is always rigorous and demanding to the quality of the result;
  • Any texts that are not mentioned – whatever your texts are, our team of proofreading specialists is eager to help!


Crime novels, thrillers, romance, drama – whatever the genre, books are the most common format for texts of significant length, and a great way to express your narrative talents. The reality of publishing, however, dictates that the manuscript must be impeccable, otherwise publishers might not even respond to the author. That is where Tilti Multilingual comes in – we will make sure that your upcoming book is perfect in terms of language. We offer a thorough checking of grammar, spelling, style, and similarly vital aspects of a manuscript.


The industry standards for scripts and screenplays are even more rigid – not only does the language need to be flawless, but the formatting must conform to a set of very precise rules. Remove this technical barrier between you and your creative success! Tilti Multilingual will proofread your script and make sure that its formatting and linguistic aspects are suitable for presenting to filmmakers, theatre producers, video game designers or representatives of any other field you are aiming at.

Post-translation proofreading

Have you got your literary work translated, and would like to make sure that the translation is accurate? Checking if your thoughts have been translated correctly is a crucial activity for authors. Our post-translation proofreading services will ensure that your book, script, article or any other text is represented in another language in an appropriate way, fully preserving the author’s intent.

Proofreading for authors from Tilti Multilingual

Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] and rest assured – the quality of the language is safe in the hands of our proofreaders and editors.

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