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Tilti Multilingual offers book proofreading services for manuscripts of any length and genre. Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] to request a proposal for proofreading your manuscript.

What you get: the proofreading process

The proofreading process includes a thorough check of:

  • Spelling;
  • Grammar;
  • Punctuation (commas);
  • Spelling;
  • Sentence structure and word order;
  • Style and word choice (appropriate to the context and the author’s intent);
  • Consistency in all aspects.

All our corrections come with concise explanations, so that you can be fully informed about how and why each change has been proposed.


When it comes to terminology management, the genre of your book is one of the most important features. We provide proofreading services for any genres, including, but not limited to:

  • Crime & thrillers;
  • Romance;
  • Children’s books;
  • Young adult books;
  • Science fiction (Sci-fi);
  • Fantasy;
  • Action & Adventure;
  • Drama;
  • Mystery;
  • Cookbooks.

From dystopian sci-fi to love drama, Tilti Multilingual provides expert proofreading in any genre. Please, do not hesitate to specify your narrative category when contacting us, and we will make sure the proofreader excels at the topic.

Our advantages

The advantages of proofreading your book are many, and relevant for both new and seasoned writers.

You, as an author, may be too familiar with your books. The longer you have been writing, the more likely you are to gloss over smaller mistakes, especially regarding spelling. When you see the same words (character names in particular) over and over, you tend to start skipping them, overlooking. It is a natural human behaviour, and our specialists are ready to give your text a fresh look, mitigating the issue.

Consistency is difficult without a proofreader, even for such established figures as George R. R. Martin, the author of the acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire series. He has admitted that his friends sometimes correct him when the parts of a book do not match each other. For example, one character can be described differently in the different parts of a book by mistake. So, having a proofreader make sure such inconsistencies are brought to light is a vital part of improving the quality of your book.

Publishers tend to abandon manuscripts if they encounter mistakes. This is the sad truth of the industry – no matter how good your book is, many agents will not contact you back, if they see more than a certain number of mistakes. Hiring a proofreader ensure this does not happen to you. Impeccable language is paramount in the publishing world, and we will make sure your book is just that – perfect.

Post-publishing proofreading

Have you already published your book and only now discovered that it contains mistakes? Do you want to correct that? Do you want to present your readers with only the most accurate representation of your ideas? It is never too late! Proofreading for revised editions is a common practice and a sure way to correct previous mistakes. Prepare your new edition with Tilti Multilingual ([email protected]), and we will make sure it becomes a superior and linguistically more precise version of your original work.

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