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We offer Thai e-commerce translation and online shop localization, helping you in addressing your customers in their native language. Reach 80.00 million Thai-speaking clients in 5 countries, including Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia, by utilizing the 18th most popular language in the world (among the languages supported by Tilti Multilingual).

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Regional adaptation

Thai is primarily spoken in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos, where regional variations may be quite significant. What makes sense for a Thai-speaking person in Myanmar might not make sense in Laos. An expert translation, such as the one provided by Tilti Multilingual, takes these differences into consideration.

Other languages in the same areas

You might also be interested in localizing your shop to the languages that are spoken in the same areas as Thai. These are:

Not all of these languages may cover the same area, but there is a high chance that buyers speaking one of them will also be familiar with buyers speaking another one from the list.

Online shop layout

Digital stores usually feature some kind of catalogue, where each element (product) occupies a comparatively small space. On average, Thai words are equal in length to their English counterparts. This should allow retaining the layout without changes in the majority of cases.

Price tags and other numerals

Thai script has it own native digits, which may make all your numerals (including prices) longer or shorter. Enter a number below to see, how it looks like in Thai numerals.

Succesful Cooperations

Computer Science & Tech

Computer-Assisted Translation of XML Files

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Marketing & Sale

Localization of POS Material in Indesign

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Software Localization for an Online-Shop

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Translation and Desktop Publishing of Technical Drawings

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