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Tilti Multilingual provides employment contract translation services, supporting more than 50 languages. Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] to request a proposal, and receive an answer within 1 hour!

As an employer, you may at some point hire a foreign worker and encounter the need to translate their job contract into a foreign language. Such a legal document is important for both the employer and the employee, and thus requires an utmost precision in translation.

Certified translation

If your company operates in multiple jurisdictions, you are almost guaranteed to require a localized version of the standard employment contract. Depending on a particular country, these translated versions may or may not be considered a legal document. That being said, a certified employment contract translation is more likely to be considered as a valid proof, and in some cases only a properly notarized document will be accepted. We can provide official certification for any translated texts and thus aid you in validating your documents according to the laws of the country you are operating in.

Specialised terminology

In general, preparing any employment agreement requires an expertise in both law and the specialised area the given company works in. The latter is needed to outline the specific job responsibilities of a worker, and the former for the document to be legally valid and unambiguous. The translation of a contract must comply with the same requirements, and we at Tilti Multilingual are ready to help. Your translation will be processed by a specialist in any given area of expertise, be it engineering, healthcare, IT, finances or anything else.

Tilti Multilingual

Whatever are your needs, areas of expertise or the jurisdiction of your business, we are ready to provide a full employment contract translation support to and from more than 50 languages. Complete the form above or contact us at [email protected] to request a proposal, and receive an answer within 1 hour!

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