In this series of articles we overview languages present in any given country. This time we are looking at the languages spoken in Republic of Congo

The biggest languages present in Republic of Congo include:

  • French – 1.66 million speakers;
  • Lingala – 166 thousand speakers;
  • Monokutuba – 1.77 million speakers;
  • Teke – 662 thousand speakers;
  • Yombe – 607 thousand speakers;

The sole official language of the country is French.

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French belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the sole official language of Republic of Congo.

French language summary
Number of speakers worldwide274 million
Language familyIndo-European
WritingFrench alphabet
Major French-speaking populations in:49 countries

Demographics and geographic distribution

Approximately 274 million people in more than 49 countries speak French as either the first or a second language. Swiss, Central African, and Guinean markets, for example, might be expected to use French in business and daily communications, at least to some extent.

In Republic of Congo approximately 30% or 1.66 million people use French in their day-to-day communication.


The French alphabet is used for writing the French language. Being a subset of the Latin script, it uses some non-standard characters like à, â, æ, ç, overall 16 symbols.

Translation services

If you intend to expand to the Congolese market via the French language, you might be interested in the following services:

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